Excite Your Students to Learn about DNA & Epigenetics.

No more complicated textbooks, chintzy DNA toys, or boring curriculum. 

Our innovative DNA model and Online Curriculum give the kinetic learning experience that will both challenge and thrill your highschool or collegiate level student. 

Epigenetics…oh my!

New studies on DNA and genetics have become vital to today’s biological and health advancements. 

And yet, as important as epigenetics has become to shaping future careers, discoveries, and opportunities, many teachers and schools aren’t prepared to fully engage their students in this field.

You need both a teaching tool and curriculum that will invigorate the minds of our next generation.

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Produced by the top minds in the field of DNA & epigenetics.

The wonders of the human genome should be made both accessible and engaging for those who want to gain an understanding to the wonders of the human genome.

The Best DNA Model in the market

Our innovative DNA model and Online Curriculum give the kinetic learning experience that will both challenge and thrill your high school or collegiate level student.

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Add-on Learning Products

Expand beyond our DNA Model with our tRNA's and amino acid add-on's that will help change your model into a messenger RNA.

This is the only DNA ladder model that dynamically shows the intricacies of DNA and how epigenetics work.

– Dr. Jim Huhta, MD, FAAP

Who is DNA & Beyond?

Find out more about our team and mission at DNA & Beyond.



Dr. Tom Woodward, the original designer of the Dynamic DNA model, has had a deep love of science and of genetics in particular since his undergraduate years at Princeton, where he majored in history and studied chemistry and anthropology as well. After completing his Ph.D. in science communication at the University of South Florida, he developed a creative approach to teaching the discoveries of DNA, RNA and proteins, which opened the door to Dr. Woodward’s Genetics Seminars at universities and schools across the world.

Advisory Board

Naaji Hylton

One of the Princetonians Behind DNA & Beyond

Pictured here is our youngest team member, a pre-med student majoring in Neuroscience at Princeton University. In fact, one of our first demonstrations of the model took place in the Genomics Department at Princeton!  Naaji, who hails from Tampa Bay, is one of a dozen Princetonians who have played a crucial role in bringing our DNA model dream to reality. Naaji is our Special Assistant for Curriculum Development, co-authoring our newly released DNA and Beyond lessons! In coming months, we will introduce other members of our leadership team!

Michael Cave

Co-Creator / Florida Custom Mold

Mike Cave is President of Florida Custom Mold, and when it came to the challenges of bringing our ideas to the crucial stage of manufacture, he stepped forward as our “Production
Mastermind.” Thus the Dynamic DNA Model is a co-creation of “DNA and Beyond” and our stellar manufacturer, Florida Custom Mold.

FCM is a recognized leader in prototype to production molds and injection molding of thermoplastic materials. Their expertise in tool design and development in both aluminum and steel molds along with injection molding has made FCM a worldwide leader in rapid prototype to production tooling.